Illustration föreställandes en flaska vin och ett vit vin glass.


No alcohol 48 hours before the hair transplant since alcohol is blood thinning and you can end up bleeding more during the transplant.

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Tobacco is bad for the body’s natural healing process and it significantly affects the result of the hair transplant. Therefore, it is important that you start lowering the amount of smoking and usage of snus (chew tobacco) a week before the operation. Do not smoke or use snus 48 hours before your surgery.

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Caffeine acts as a blood thinner in the same way that snus does. Therefore, coffee should not be consumed up to 48 hours before surgery.

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Blood-thinning medication

Do not take blood-thinning medication, such as Ibuprofen, Omega 3 or acetylsalicylic acid (in Aspirin) before the hair transplant. It will cause you to bleed much more than usual.

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Do not shave before you come to us. We would love to see how your hair grows naturally, if you have any swirls and so on. In that way we see can create a more natural result for your hair.

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Good clothes

Bring a blouse or shirt that is easy to button up at the front so you do not have to pull anything over your head after your hair transplant.

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Eat a good meal before

Eat a good meal before your hair transplant so that you keep your energy up during the procedure.

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A hair transplant takes time

It takes time to undergo a hair transplant. Do not book in anything else during the day. It may also be nice for you to have time off for the first few days after your hair transplant.