Laser treatment

A professional hair laser may often help stimulate hair growth. Laser treatments are about raising the energy level in the cells and basically works like nature’s photosynthesis process. Sunlight contains all sorts of light, but it’s the energy from the red light that the plants, together with carbon dioxide and water, convert into carbon hydrates (building blocks) and oxygen.

Inside the body, it works the same way and during a laser treatment, the red light, 650nm, is also used. The mitochondrion is a component in the cell and often called the cell’s power station. Mitochondria are of great importance to metabolism and it’s in the mitochondrion where nutrition and oxygen are converted to energy. These small components also control the division of cells.

The light activates the mitochondrion and triggers mitosis (cell division). More cells mean more building blocks for each hair, which are constructed, grows stronger, and gets the energy to grow longer.

Maggie places laser helmet over patients head to stimulate hair growth

Derma roller

A microneedle roller is a dermatological needle roller for treatment of the scalp. The tiny needles activate the natural processes in the body that lead to improved hair growth. The growth factors are activated and circulation increases.

Treatment using a needle roller also improves the absorption of preparations such as minoxidil (Rogaine and Recrea) applied to the scalp.

The needles come in different lengths, but we recommend 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm. If the roller is used three times a week, it lasts for approximately 3–5 months. After that, the needles have gone blunt or dull.

A dermaroller