Hair transplant

If the individual has lost too much hair or wants to lower an existing hairline, a hair transplant is needed. The hair being relocated is genetically coded not to fall out, which makes a hair transplant a permanent solution. The relocated hair follicles will take root where they’ve been transplanted, and the hair grows like regular hair.

A hair transplant is a treatment where you relocate hair, not a cure for hair loss.

Man gets hair line measured

PRP treatment

If the hair has thinned or isn’t growing as well as before, it is possible to treat with PRP, i.e. growth factors from the blood.

The treatment means that concentrated growth factors are extracted and injected into areas in need of healing and stimulus. When the growth factors are injected into the shrunken hair follicles, a number of positive reactions start happening in the skin as the stem cells are signaled to increase the production of hair cells, meaning more building blocks for each hair. PRP also causes new small blood vessels to form in connection with the area, which provides additional nutrients.

Ako Rahim injected by nurse to stimulate hair growth with PRP


There are a few drugs to use as a supplement to PRP treatment or a hair transplant.

Today, there are only two approved drugs – finasteride and minoxidil. They work on 70 percent of patients but unfortunately have a number of side effects, which the individual taking the medication must be aware of.

A hand holding medicines against hair loss like for example Minoxidil Orifarm finasteride accord

Other solutions

There are no alternatives to treating hair growth issues. Many companies sell products that don’t work. There are no shampoos that penetrate the skin and stimulate hair growth. However, a good shampoo may make hair that has already grown out stay healthy.

Maggie places laser helmet over patient's head to stimulate hair growth

Shampoos and vitamins

There are no shampoos that make the hair grow better! Regardless of what is said in commercials, there is no shampoo that penetrates the skin and stimulates hair growth. On the other hand, a good shampoo may help the hair that’s already grown out to stay in good shape.

The same goes for vitamin preparations – they don’t help the hair to grow better but may affect the appearance some. People in Sweden do not have vitamin deficiencies, aside from those with eating disorders or other forms of uncommon diseases.

Illustration of a hand with lathered shampoo