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Our consultations and some PRP-treatments we offer at our clinics in Sweden. Make sure you enter the correct name, phone number and an email address. Select clinic below.


To cancel your appointment, follow the link in your confirmation e-mail or give us a call. Cancelations later than 24 hours prior to the appointment will be fined.

The following treatments are possible to book online:

Ikon PRP hair standard treatment area
PRP standard 4300 kr

Treatment of the scalp, on top of the head.

Ikon PRP treatment mini only hairline
PRP mini 2500 kr

Treatment where we only focus on the hairline.

Ikon PRP hair larger treatment area
PRP XL 4900 kr

Treatment of two areas on the head.

Observe that all of these treatments are without numbing. To book with numbing, a combination of treatments or a skin treatment, please give call us at 08-20 00 18 and we'll help you.

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